Our Process

It all starts with the finest locally sourced ingredients from family owned farms in the finger lakes region. Our unique proprietary four grain mash bill is hand selected from the finest corn wheat, barley and rye in our region.

The grains are then milled on site to my exact specifications. This ensures that the grains keep their integrity for proper cooking in our steam generated pressure cooker mash ton.

After the mash is cooled it is fermented in our fermenting tanks for up to seven days. The fully fermented mixture is then transferred in to our one thousand gallon Vendome pot still. We then cook the mash which evaporates and condenses the alcohol leaving behind the grain and water.

The clear alcohol is pumped into our 250 gallon Vendome 4 plate column still where the alcohol is distilled again. This is where I select only the highest quality of white spirt to be allowed as part of our bourbon. We blend multiple distillations in one of our one thousand gallon stainless steel tanks in preparation for barreling.

The white spirt is then pumped into virgin oak barrels that have been made out of furniture grade oak and have been air dried for a minimum of 36 months. After close to three years, and only the angels have had their share and the devil has taken his cut, do we consider bottling.

For each and every batch that we bottle, I sift through hundreds of barrels selecting only the ones that are in their optimum stage of aging.

Once selected, we bottle them up by hand and present you with our world famous Iron Smoke straight bourbon whiskey.

Iron Smoke Master Distiller,


Bar Tasting

$20 Regular Flight
$30 Premium Flight
$5 Splash Flight


Tour & Tasting

All tours must be scheduled in advance. Please allow one weeks’ notice for any tours – Whiskey Up!

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