Guidelines to our Tasting Room During COVID

The Tasting Room is back and ready to roll! We are looking forward to welcoming back all of our friends, family and fellow scoundrels to come (safely and responsibly) whiskey up with us. Indoor and outdoor seating will be available in a limited capacity. However, live events and sideshows will be postponed for the time being. If you’ll be joining us for a cocktail or two please make sure to follow these house rules below and take a look at our updated hours.

COVID-19 House Rules

• If you're not feeling well, stay home

No one with symptoms of COVID-19, including but not limited to: a fever, persistent cough or shortness of breath are permitted to enter.

• Keep Your Distance

Stay back and keep your distance, scoundrel. (at least 6 feet.)

• Cover Up When Standing

Cover up when you stand up. Masks must be worn when standing, ordering from the bar and using the restroom.

• No Handshakes or Highfives

It’s good to see you, too! But please keep your hands to yourself. No handshakes or high-fives. Throw up one of these \m/ instead.

• 6 Friends or Less

Please keep your friend circle to six friends or less.

• Don't Move Tables

Please do not move the tables.

• Throw Out Your Garbage!

We’re working hard to keep everything fresh and clean. Please help out and pitch your napkins and disposable cups when applicable.

• Order Inside or Outside

You are free to order from the bar inside or wait for a server.

• Don't Stay Too Long

Outdoor Patio Guests: We hate all this single use plastic, too, but unfortunately, we can’t do refills at this time. Toss it when you kill it.

It’s a weird time, folks. Be patient, be kind, be mindful of others and enjoy!









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